Portrait Art By Kelli Marie
"I love creating art, and capturing an essence of life that speaks to you."
     Hello, and welcome to my website!  I am an Iowa native, and create works from my private studio in the Pella, Iowa area.  I've had a lifelong love for art and music, both give me a constant flow of creative energy and inspiration.  Since very early in my childhood I recognized how creating artwork, and it's process was my heart's calling.  I've had no formal training, experience has been my teacher through the years.  The unique people, and beautiful world around us give me constant access to inspiration.  I strive to capture the realistic essence of my subjects, and have always had a passion for creating portrait artwork.

     I've had the privilege to create various art pieces for both public and private display.  My experience includes creating graphite pencil artwork for McCall Monument Company, and also ink portraits and illustrations for Pella Engraving Company  for 20+ years.  The artwork created for McCall Monument Company is used to etch onto Memorium and Public Monuments for clients reaching much of the state of Iowa. The ink portrait renderings that I create for PEC are used for the company's plaque making processes, for recognition awards, hall of fame displays, monument markers, and memorials.  This avenue of work has given me the opportunity to reach many different places on a national and global spectrum.  My work is displayed in several locations throughout the United States, some of which are well known:  The White House "The Great Al Gore Hall", dedicated in January, 2001 by President Bill Clinton-in honor of the former Vice President Al Gore, Syracuse University Gymnasium "Al Davis-The Oakland Raiders", several US Universities hall of fame recipients-Loyola, Berkeley, and Iowa State are a few.  Some other well known figures that my work has been dedicated to include:  The Late Pope John Paul II (displayed with bells played during the Pope's funeral ceremony), Luciano Pavarotti, Steven Spielberg (drawing of the town entrance of Krakow, Poland-in honor of his film Schindler's List), Daniel Pearl (Wall Street Journal-journalist), Senator Leonard Boswell, Senator Olympia Snowe, Fred C. Trump (Donald Trump's father), Beverly Carney-wife of co-founder of Pizza Hut franchise, Gary Vermeer (founder of Vermeer Corp.) - displayed in the entrance wing of Pella Regional Hospital (Pella, IA), Korn band members, and many others.

     I work in several different mediums: ink, graphite, pastels, acrylic and oil paints.  I enjoy the simplistic beauty and contrast accomplished in graphite drawings.   I also love the possibilities with pops of brilliant color offered through other mediums.

     I believe that a great portrait captures an essence of life that speaks to you.  It is my mission to create works of art for my clients that bring them great joy, and that they feel the heart and soul that went into creating their work.

Thank you for your interest!   It would be an honor to create something very special for you!!

God Bless, Kelli Marie